Guest Speaker Series in Brazil

Sharing knowledge about bilingualism, the IB and more.

At their first event in June, they had the pleasure of welcoming neuroscientist Elaine Torresi, a bilingual brain studies specialist. She shared some advanced studies that confirm a multitude of cognitive benefits for bilinguals. However, not all advantages are present in any bilingual individual. The form, age and methodology applied, influence the type of bilingual individual. She pointed to the immersion method as the best model for bilingual education. 

The most recent findings show that bilingualism also plays an important role in the development of socio-emotional skills. Mrs Torresi highlighted that immersion bilingualism can transform the way we operate in the world, the way we think and act in it. By learning a language through its culture, we can identify and understand different perspectives. This develops, for example, our empathy and open-mindedness. 
The second event hosted International Baccalaureate (IB) General Manager for Latin America, Natália Tieso. At this meeting, in which, for the first time, a school in Brazil received an IB representative for a lecture open to the public, participants were able to understand and clarify doubts regarding the non-profit organisation that develops the recognised international programmes we offer in our schools.

Having an open space for dialogue and knowledge building around relevant issues concerning the education of children is a prioritised objective of SIS Brazil.

Priscila Albuquerque, Marketing Manager SIS Brazil