Model United Nations Conference

An Amazing Experience

A Model United Nations (MUN) Conference is a simulated session of the United Nations in which the participants adopt the role of delegates to the UN. In simulated UN bodies, for example the Security Council or the General Assembly, the delegates debate international issues, reach compromise solutions and then pass resolutions. Each participant represents a country which he or she has researched prior to the conference. Delegates do not represent their own opinion, but as realistically as possible argue the allocated country’s official position on the matter under discussion. The conferences comprise formal debates, held under procedural rules which are similar to the actual UN rules and the UN Charter, and also lobbying and informal discussions which lead to draft resolutions. Through these conferences, participants practice public speaking and learn how to merge different opinons. They further gain an insight into international politics and the work of the United Nations.

Sanne de Lange, one of the SIS Regensburg students who took part in the conference, comments her experience with the MUN conference as follows: "MUN, Model United Nations, is an amazing experience that is about much more than just politics. It is a chance to develop your communicative, debating and language skills. It is a cultural experience as it can lead you around the globe. But most of all it will create bonds between individuals all over the world and shape lifelong friendships.”