Distance Learning by SIS Swiss International School

A students' perspective from SIS Basel.

“With the implementation of distance learning, students and teachers are facing new challenges. At first, online school was confusing. However, after some adjustments, we believe our teachers have done a great job at organising distance learning in such a way that all students feel both engaged and disciplined. The teachers are always online to help us when we are struggling or have questions.

Grading has also not been a problem, as teachers have found different ways to test our knowledge, without having to be with us. Some teachers have proposed to host class calls, to keep spirits up in times like these. The amount of effort our teachers put into this learning process is something all students look up to and are thankful for. Not only are they putting in the effort to keep us getting a good education, but they are also making sure that everyone is doing well.”

Laura S. and Rohin K, grade 10, SIS Basel.