A scene in a gym. A sports teacher with a white T-shirt showing "Staff" is standing in front of a group of students.

What Sets SIS Apart?

Every day, several thousand students come to learn at an SIS school. This represents a delightful and challenging task that encourages us to give our best. In order to offer our bilingual and international school programme at a high level, we have established processes and structures that ensure high teaching quality and good leadership practice: 

Leadership Programme

Every two years, SIS runs an international leadership programme for aspiring leaders. The participants attend group days that cover many topics about leadership and managing change. As part of the programme, they also attend a school evaluation, receive coaching on three individual days and shadow a principal for a day.


For the duration of the programme, the participants also develop and implement a project within their own school, putting into practice what they have been learning.

Professional Development Days

High importance is placed on professionally developing teachers and leaders at SIS. To this end, each country organises their own professional development day once per year, bringing in external speakers as well as using expertise within the company.


An additional two days are allocated every March to bring our Germany and Switzerland colleagues together and offer a selection of workshops on many different topics. These events are a highly valued opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and receive new input.


In addition to professional development for teachers, SIS leaders also have the opportunity to attend either team leader, new principal and/or SIS leaders' professional development days with specially designed programmes.

Mentoring Programme

This year-long programme aims to ensure the smooth induction of new teachers, giving them guidance and support as they start in the bilingual setting of SIS.

Subject Trainers

Each country has dedicated subject trainers who assist teachers in understanding and implementing the SIS curricula. They give workshops, both in-school and at company professional development days, and are always on hand to offer support and advice. 

School Evaluations

SIS as a whole is always looking to increase our academic profile and improve the quality of our services. Therefore, school evaluations are regularly conducted in our schools.


A team evaluates all aspects of school life: from teaching quality and personnel development to communication and administrative systems. School evaluations are invaluable in establishing where a school currently stands and recommending next steps a school can take in order to continue developing quality of service.

Teacher Exchange to Brazil

An exciting opportunity exists for teachers from SIS Germany and SIS Switzerland to live and work in Brazil for two to four years with a preference given to German speakers. Attractive working conditions are offered as well as a guaranteed position upon return.

International Activities

For our students, we organise numerous activities that promote international exchange. In particular, the SIS Cup and the annual Intercountry Activity provide a shared experience and a glimpse beyond the boundaries of a school.


During the SIS Cup, which spans two days, the focus is on sports, fairness, and fun. Teams from all SIS schools compete against each other in individual and team disciplines, while everyone cheers, plays, sweats, and laughs.


In addition to sports, we also connect our learners through the annual Intercountry Activity. In previous years, we have organised international math days, a gift exchange, a storytelling exchange, a photo campaign, and an IT activity using Ozobots.


Furthermore, we recognise the three best written theses by SIS graduates with the SIS Best Essay Award. These written works are produced as part of the final examination for national university entrance qualifications or the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma.


We will continue to develop exciting formats. Join us and be a part of it!

The SIS Cup floorball tournament takes place in a big school gym. The national flags of Germany, Brazil and Switzerland hang from the ceiling.

SIS Cup: sport, games and a lot of fun

Two boys fighting for the ball in floorball in a gym.

Team sports and individual competitions make for a good mix.

A girl photographs the viewer with a large camera. Her face is covered by the camera.

Photobook Activity: all photos were taken on 2 April 2019.

A girl and a boy concentrate on solving maths problems in front of a computer during SIS Maths Day.

Speed and logical thinking are in demand on Maths Day.

A group of pupils curiously bend over an opened parcel as part of the parcel swap activity.

Parcel Swap 2021: 96 SIS classes took part.

This Is What We Stand For:

  • We live internationality. People from different learning and teaching cultures promote learning in a variety of ways.
  • We encourage curiosity. We continue to educate ourselves through continuous professional development programmes with internal and external experts.
  • We enable the taking-on of responsibility. The SIS network offers exciting opportunities for the expansion of impact – within a school, within a country or even internationally.
  • The SIS network is a lived reality. We exchange ideas, pull in the same direction and share our knowledge and skills thanks to many opportunities for international exchange.
  • We offer a modern infrastructure conducive to learning and use it in a target-oriented way in the classroom. Our school buildings are well equipped and new approaches to teaching are tested and introduced in a structured way.
  • We care about our environment. Together, we empower change for sustainable living. Read more here.