A child's hand watering plants with a green watering can.

Together, We Empower Change for Sustainable Living

As a group of schools, we have the opportunity to create conditions to positively shape the future in many ways. Our daily mission of educating students allows us to promote a sustainable mindset that takes into account social, environmental, cultural, and economic factors. At the same time, we have the potential to direct our actions and resource management so that there is a long-term balance between our immediate environment and environments of the future.

Climate Neutrality

Our goal is to reduce our emissions as much as possible and ultimately become climate neutral. In a first step, SIS Swiss International School will analyse the greenhouse gas emissions of every school in collaboration with a specialised company. The goal is to calculate these emissions for all SIS schools and to evaluate specific areas. After a thorough analysis, a specific plan for emission reduction will be presented and implemented. We look forward to sharing insights and best practices with each other.

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

SIS is bringing sustainability into classrooms with the introduction of school sustainability teams under the guidance of a dedicated sustainability teacher. We use an action-learning approach that involves identifying the current situation, exploring alternatives, taking action and reflecting on the change. SIS has designated country ambassadors who have written guidelines and provided a sustainability framework for students to work within. They support the schools with resources and arrange sustainability sharing days. It will be exciting to see what projects schools undertake and the difference we can make to building a more sustainable future.

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