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Together, We Empower Change for Sustainable Living

Commitment to Climate Neutrality in 2029

In 2023, our companies in Switzerland, Germany, and Brazil each developed a tailored strategy for reducing CO2 emissions based on prior emission assessments. Our principle is to avoid CO2 emissions whenever possible, and if avoidance is not feasible, to prioritise reduction measures. As a last step, we will offset the remaining emissions. It is evident that the avoidance and reduction measures will vary across countries, and as a result, our reduction strategies are adapted to local circumstances. Each country has identified and implemented specific initiatives to reduce CO2 footprints, including areas such as food, staff commuting, and heating. In order to be able to measure the progress of our efforts, our companies in Switzerland, Germany and Brazil record their carbon footprint annually and check the effectiveness of the measures introduced. All countries share a common overarching objective: to reduce emissions by at least 25 % in proportion to our student body by 2029.


For the first time in 2029, the remaining CO2 emissions of the previous year will be offset by financing emission reductions elsewhere – in consultation and close management with the Klett Group.

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

We believe giving students the lead at the school level is key, as the future belongs to them. To that end, each SIS school has created a student sustainability team guided by a lead sustainability teacher. We use an action-learning approach that involves identifying the current situation, exploring alternatives, acting and reflecting on the change. SIS has designated country ambassadors who have written guidelines and provided a sustainability framework for students to work within. They support the schools with resources and arrange sustainability sharing days.


Exciting projects are underway and we are looking forward to seeing the difference we can make to building a more sustainable future.

Sustainability in Brazil

How Sustainability is Implemented at Our Schools in Brazil

Please find information on our country website of Brazil.

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