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About Us

A Growing, International Network of Bilingual Schools

Our Educational Concept

Our Students and Their Learning Needs Are at the Heart of Our Efforts

Our educational concept lies at the heart of our social, pedagogical, didactical and entrepreneurial approach. But every concept is only as good as its implementation in everyday school life – that is why we make it our highest priority to live by it on a daily basis. Our students and their learning needs are at the heart of our efforts. This is put into practice by taking into account the following eight aspects:

  • Bilingual Experience

English and the national language play equal roles in school communication – in the classroom and in all parts of day-to-day school life. As a result, children learn to express themselves naturally and confidently in both languages.

  • Independent and Value-Centred Approach

The teaching philosophy at SIS Swiss International School is not ideological but instead founded on clearly defined core values. We strive to embody the values we seek to impart to our students: honesty, appreciation, personal responsibility and commitment.

  • Day School Community

Our day school offers a structured and challenging programme of classroom instruction with fixed hours, lunch, supervised homework hours and additional flexible supervised periods and courses.

  • Performance through Diversity

Our varied, stimulating environment supports students in achieving excellent academic performance while allowing them to take enjoyment and pride in what they learn. Our international student body combined with teachers hailing from diverse backgrounds result in a diversified range of teaching and learning methods applied to the learning process.

  • International Education – Local Insight

Our intention is that SIS students graduate as global citizens with a strong sense of their origins. For students at college level, we offer targeted preparation for the national high school diploma. At the same time, they have the opportunity to complete the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), which results in a globally recognised university entrance qualification.

  • Continuity from Kindergarten to College

SIS Swiss International School offers a single unified learning concept – from kindergarten through primary and secondary school to college. Because we cater to all education levels, we can facilitate a seamless transition from one stage to the next.

  • Learning Enhanced by Technology

At SIS, technology is used in a targeted manner across all subjects, underpinned by a pedagogical concept for learning and teaching. From kindergarten onwards, students explore the areas of digital technology, programming and media as well as communication and e-safety. We use up-to-date, dedicated software to support the learning process of our students.

  • Strong Network

Our schools are part of the SIS Group, which has been a pioneer in the bilingual education area since 1999. At present, more than 5.000 students attend SIS schools at one of our 17 locations in Switzerland, Germany and Brazil. Our international organisation provides teachers and students with a platform to exchange experiences and insights across national borders.



All SIS schools are approved or recognised by the local educational authorities and are firm fixtures in their area's school landscape. At the same time, our schools are part of a growing SIS network. Currently, more than 5.000 students from both local and internationally mobile families attend classes at one of the 17 schools in Switzerland, Germany or Brazil.


SIS is a company of the Kalaidos Swiss Education Group which belongs to the Klett Group Germany.

Quality Policy

SIS guarantees a high level of educational and quality standards:

  • Structures and processes at SIS locations are continuously evaluated and developed.
  • SIS Basel, SIS Zürich, SIS Berlin, SIS Friedrichshafen, SIS Ingolstadt, SIS Regensburg, SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach, SIS Brasília, ESB Rio de Janeiro and Escola Nova by SIS are accredited International Baccalaureate (IB) World Schools.
  • All SIS schools periodically participate in the international benchmarking test ISA (International Schools' Assessment).


SIS Swiss International Schools Group

Seestrasse 57

CH-8708 Männedorf


Together, as a school group, we empower change for sustainable living.


As an educational institution, we are aware of our responsibility when it comes to sustainability. The impact of SIS Swiss International Schools extends beyond just their operational aspects; it also encompasses what and how we teach in SIS schools, ultimately influencing future generations.


Thus, the national companies of SIS Group strategically approach sustainability from two core directions. Firstly, they diligently assess and work to reduce our CO2 emissions with the ultimate goal to become climate neutral. Secondly, within our educational framework, we strive to promote a sustainable mindset that includes social, environmental, cultural, and economic factors.


Find out more about the the two main approaches to sustainability here.

SIS Management Team

Portrait of Andrea Furgler.
Andrea Furgler

Chief Executive Officer SIS Group

More about Andrea Furgler

Andrea Furgler

Chief Executive Officer SIS Group

Andrea, who has been leading the SIS Group since 2019, has worked for SIS Swiss International School in various functions and countries throughout his career. He led the reins of SIS Switzerland for two years, after being CEO of SIS Brazil from 2015 to 2017. Previously, he was the Principal at Escola Suíço-Brasileira Rio de Janeiro by SIS Swiss International School. Andrea is a born Swiss and graduated as a secondary school teacher from the University of Teacher Education in St. Gallen, Switzerland. He gained practical experience as a teacher in St. Gallen before moving to Brazil, where he later completed an MBA in Business Management. Throughout his career, he has focused on the development and potential of young people and sees SIS's internationally oriented educational offering and group-wide network as a great opportunity. He is the father of a grown-up daughter, enjoys jogging and can occasionally be encountered with a board below his feet, on the water or in the snow.

Portrait von Verena Simpson.
Verena Simpson

Chief Executive Officer SIS Switzerland

More about Verena Simpson

Verena Simpson

Chief Executive Officer SIS Switzerland

Verena has been CEO of SIS Switzerland since August 2022 and has worked for SIS Swiss international School since 2011. She started as the Principal of SIS Regensburg, then became Regional Manager and was most recently CEO of SIS Germany. Before that, she lived in the USA with her family for several years and worked at a high school as an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) coordinator and teacher. At the same time, she completed a Master's degree in Educational Administration. She also completed her teacher training in the USA. Verena grew up in northern Bavaria, where she graduated from the University of Regensburg with a Master's degree in German, American Studies and Political Science. She now lives in Switzerland with her husband and three sons, who grow up bilingual and attend SIS. Her international background, her experience in education and business management and as a mother of three children, allow Verena to incorporate the different perspectives in managing the company.

Portrait of Tim Kaboth.
Tim Kaboth

Chief Executive Officer SIS Germany

More about Tim Kaboth

Tim Kaboth

Chief Executive Officer SIS Germany

As a qualified and certified Secondary School teacher, Tim taught at various schools in Germany before starting to work at SIS Swiss International School in 2014. In the following years, he played a key role in the growth and development of SIS Germany as the principal of SIS Ingolstadt and as the regional manager for five school locations. He is convinced of the importance of communication, words and languages and views them as the key to the world. Using the chances and possibilities of digital learning sensibly and with a sense of proportion also shapes his idea of what school should be. In his private life he likes to spend time with his family. In addition, he likes to balance work and life by reading a book or by spending time in his second passion outside of education: cinema and movies.

Portrait of Carolina Vieira.
Carolina Vieira

Chief Executive Officer SIS Brazil

More about Carolina Vieira

Carolina Vieira

Chief Executive Officer SIS Brazil

Carolina, CEO of SIS Brazil from January 2022 on, held the position of CFO of SIS Brazil since 2015, being responsible for the administrative and financial management of the SIS schools in the country and for reporting to the SIS headquarters in Switzerland. She joined the group in 2013 as project supervisor.


In all her positions, Carolina has always stood out for her determination in the search for results and for the formation of productive teams and efficient processes. She graduated in finance, with an MBA in business management and a postgraduate degree in Education.


Carolina is a mother of three SIS students and is famous as the best costume designer for kids. Besides working and mothering, Carolina loves gardening and taking care of her two dogs.

Portrait of Janet Meister.
Janet Meister

Chief Quality Officer

More about Janet Meister

Janet Meister

Chief Quality Officer

Janet moved to Switzerland from New Zealand over 14 years ago to begin her career with SIS Swiss International School. Educated in New Zealand, she brought with her a wealth of experience as a teacher and a leader.


Janet’s current position as Chief Quality Officer for the SIS Group sees her responsible for monitoring and enhancing the pedagogical quality in all our schools. Prior to that, Janet was the vice principal at SIS Winterthur before becoming the pedagogical quality leader of SIS Switzerland.
The students have always remained at the heart of Janet’s work. She keeps a strong focus on student well-being and achievement in all her interactions and decisions.


Living in Switzerland has afforded Janet and her family the opportunity to travel extensively and enjoy many experiences which they delight in. She also enjoys hiking and has walked the length and breadth of Switzerland.

Portrait of Bernhard Rieber.
Bernhard Rieber

Chief Information Officer

More about Bernhard Rieber

Bernhard Rieber

Chief Information Officer

Mostly in the background and hardly visible to most, Bernhard has been responsible for the entire IT teaching infrastructure of the SIS Group since January 2016 and is highly committed to ensuring that all locations are equipped with functioning information technology (IT), which is constantly maintained and further developed. He dedicates himself to this complex task together with the "SIS Group-IT Team" and the IT supporters at each SIS site. Previously, Bernhard worked as an IT consultant at Daimler AG from 2000 to 2003, and as a teacher and IT manager at Minerva Schools Basel from 2003 to 2012. Since the very beginning of SIS, Bernhard has been contracted as an external IT supporter for SIS. In his private life, Bernhard is an avid skier, mountain biker and volleyball player. Bernhard lives with his wife and three children in the tranquil Markgräflerland and enjoys the eventful "life full of breeze"!

Portrait of  Milena Thraen.
Milena Thraen

Head of Marketing and Communications

More about Milena Thraen

Milena Thraen

Head of Marketing and Communications

Milena is leading our global marketing and corporate communications function where she focuses on corporate design, internal and external publications and our online and social media activities. She joined SIS Swiss International School in 2017 as management assistant to the Group CEO engaging in projects to manage and grow the global network of SIS schools. Prior to SIS, Milena was an executive search consultant based in Zürich and a research assistant at the Institute for Media and Communications Management at the University of St. Gallen (HSG), Switzerland, where she co-led projects on corporate communications and Design Thinking. She holds a Master in Management, Organisation Studies and Cultural Theories from HSG including studies abroad at Hanken Business School in Helsinki, Finland and Stanford University, USA. She completed a Bachelor in Psychology and Communication Science at the University of Zürich, Switzerland. Milena has been passionate about international life and education since her high school term in New Zealand. Outside of work, she enjoys her active family life with her husband and three children, going for an occasional run at Lake Zürich, and creative activities.


From pioneers to experts in the field of bilingual and international education.

1999 Laying the foundation of SIS bilingual education in Switzerland. The primary school Minerva Volksschule Basel starts with its first bilingual class. This is the basis of what later becomes SIS Basel. The idea of a truly immersive and bilingual school is born.
2004 - 2006 Expansion in Switzerland. The foundations of the schools that later become SIS Zürich-Wollishofen and SIS Zürich are laid.
2008 Getting a foothold in Germany. The brand "SIS Swiss International School" is established and the first SIS school in Germany opens its doors in Stuttgart-Fellbach.
2009 + 2010

Years of growth in Germany and Switzerland. By 2010, SIS Männedorf-Zürich and SIS Schönenwerd have opened their doors in Switzerland.


In Germany, SIS Regensburg, SIS Ingolstadt and SIS Friedrichshafen have started to welcome students into their bilingual schools.

2011 Expansion to Brazil and first graduation in Switzerland. SIS Brasília opens its doors, while at SIS Zürich, the first class graduates with the bilingual Matura, some students additionally with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma.

Two more schools join the SIS network. In Brazil, SIS takes over ESB Rio de Janeiro, founded in 1963, which modifies its name to Escola Suíço-Brasileira Rio de Janeiro by SIS Swiss International School.


In Germany, SIS Kassel opens its doors.


A strong network of SIS schools. SIS Basel hosts the first edition of our annual sports event, the SIS Cup. In Switzerland, SIS Pfäffikon-Schwyz opens its doors.


In Germany, SIS takes over Internationale Schule Villa Amalienhof which continues as SIS Berlin.


Distance learning. Due to our strong network of schools as well as continuous process optimisation with the help of technology, SIS was quickly able to adapt to the distance learning that became necessary due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


In Germany, SIS Frankfurt opens and welcomes its first students.


Expansion to Italy and integration of a school in Brazil. In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Escola Nova is integrated into the SIS Group and continues to operate as Escola Nova by SIS Swiss International School.


We found SIS Swiss International Schools Italia.


Commitment to climate neutrality by 2029. After assessing emissions, our companies in Switzerland, Germany, and Brazil developed strategies to reduce CO2, aiming to offset all remaining emissions by 2029. Additionally, we have embedded sustainability practice into SIS schools by launching student-led projects at each location.


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